Amanda Fiveash

Amanda Fiveash is the blogger behind The Frugal Greenish Mama. And she is just what the title says -- a mama, a very frugal person and one who is striving to live in a greener way. Amanda is a wife and mother of two beautiful blessings. As a family, they are striving to live a full, simple life and are wannabe homesteaders, with a dream of becoming as self-sufficient as possible.Amanda loves to garden and watch things grow. She loves crafts when the time can be found to cook & bake from scratch. She also loves spending time with her family and watching her children make new discoveries each and every day.Her journey down a more natural/organic path began when her husband was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. HIs oncologist encouraged them to start looking into some of the chemicals they used in their home. They do not know what caused his disorder, but started eliminating cleaning products and added as many organic foods into their diet as they could. Countless medications and two rounds of chemo later, this family has made many changes and continues to slowly make more.Amanda’s hope is that through her blog, others will realize that even a family like them, on a very tight budget, can feed their family the best wholesome organic foods. She does not claim to be an expert, but this blog is simply and effort to share her experiences as she continues to pursue a simple, more self-sufficient lifestyle. She hopes that through her writing, others will realize that they too can make changes in their lives to benefit their family, as well as the environment.You can read more about Amanda’s journey on The Frugal Greenish Mama and on Facebook and Twitter.