Julie Dennehy

Julie Dennehy is a, like, totally fun mom of two quirky tweens who blog with her on My Shiny Monkey, a blog by and for tweens (kids 8-14).  In a process similar to herding cats, she blogs and curates content from a group of tweens on My Shiny Monkey, chatting about movies, games, unplugged play, travel, pop star news, issues, and of course, food and product reviews... anything shiny and new. Her blog just celebrated its one year anniversary and have almost reached 1,000 followers on Twitter.In addition to blogging and her online world, she and her family enjoy shooting and watching viral videos, participating in urban “stunts” around Boston, exploring New England and sunny places, planning a European vacation, and putting funny hats on their English Bulldog, Major while speaking in silly voices. Julie’s favorite Stonyfield yogurt is the low fat, Strawberry Fruit at the Bottom – delicious and like two treats in one.  Three if you stir in a little granola.Check out Julie on My Shiny Monkey and on Facebook and Twitter.