Maria Moser

Maria Moser was inspired to go natural while expecting her first child in 2004.  As she went out of her way to buy organic foods & products for her 3 children, her love for them motivated her to think twice about what she puts into her own body.  She began Change-Diapers in 2009 as she switched her second child to cloth diapers and since then, she's looked for new ways to get eco-friendly and share with other families.  Maria was formerly in the insurance industry and now works at home with several cloth diaper companies and D.C. area small businesses.  She loves exercising outdoors, gadgets, crafts (you might catch her using her daughter's rubber band loom), baking, and playing outside with her 9, 4 and 2 year old children.  She's had a secret obsession with YoBaby Apple yogurt since her 9 year old was a baby.  Keep up with Maria at Change-Diapers.