Vanessa Druckman

Vanessa Druckman is a French foodie mom living in Chicago with her husband and four kids. She believes that life should consist of great meals sandwiched between great trips. She began her blog, Chefdruck: French Foodie Mom (http://www.chefdruck.com) in order to create a room of her own online, a place where she could finish her sentences. Six years later, her blog is still thriving with original recipes, reflections on parenting, book recommendations, and travel stories.

Born in France, Vanessa is a dairy lover. Her fridge is stocked with YoBaby vanilla yogurt which she feeds to Baby Sophie and uses for recipes like her strawberry yogurt cake (http://chefdruck.com/2012/06/strawberry-yogurt-cake-great-for-snack-or-breakfast/). Her freezer is filled with YoKids squeezers in a variety of flavors for school lunches and fun afterschool snacks for the big kids.